Israel museum

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The Israel Museum in Jerusalem Israel is Israel’s official national Museum, the museum has many sections displaying different genre’s of fine art, historic artifacts and a Youth Wing. The Israel Museum is located on a hill and is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped Art Garden which has sculptures and instillations by artists such as Picasso, Henry Moore and Rodin. The area is called “Museum Row” and the Israeli Museum shares this location with several other museums. On the grounds of the Israel Museum is the Shrine of the Book, a strange looking building housing the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Israel Museum Statistics

The museum sits on 50,000 m², 800,000 people visit the museum annually (100, 00 of those children) and the museum holds the largest number of artifacts from Israel. The Israel Museum was opened in 1965 and today holds almost 500,000 abjet d’art. On the museum grounds is a café and restaurant and the spacious plan of the site makes it very pleasant to explore as you go from one building to the other enjoying both the indoor and outdoor design.

Highlights of the Israel Museum

The Fine Arts Wing displays all genres of fine art (modern, contemporary, Old Masters, photography, design and architecture) as well as art from a range of cultures (African art, Oceania, American art, Asian art, Israeli art) and historic periods. Some of the big names here are Rembrandt, Chagall and Pissarro.

The Jewish Art and Life Wing displays aspects of Jewish life from different cultural communities and different eras. You can see how the Jewish Diaspora art blends their religious and secular experience and heritage. The traditional Jewish celebrations, synagogue art and design as well as Judaica are on display in this wing of the Israel Museum.

Kids will love the interactive Youth Wing where there are activities and workshops revolving around different topics (usually relating to the present Jewish holiday, season or theme) as well as art displays that appeal specifically to kids. The area of the Youth Wing is spacious and there are interesting instillations and object for kids to discover and explore.

The Second Temple Model covers an acre and depicts ancient Jerusalem and the second temple down to the smallest detail. The topography and architecture has been recreated according to the best of historic records.

The Archaeology Wing has over 6,000 artifacts from the ancient cultures which inhabited the Land of Israel. Historic events are highlighted using the artifact we have to show us how people lived at that time and how the turning points in the Land of Israel’s history affected the people and their way of life. Also here is the oldest artwork in the world, discovered in the Golan a figurine dating back 250,000 years.

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