Jerusalem City

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jerusalem city old and newJerusalem is known for its theology, history, tradition and religion. It is one of the few cities in the world that is known as the house of worship. The Jerusalem City was revered by the Jews, Muslims and Christians and this tradition still continues. The city in itself is a reflection of the piousness and dedication of three most important monotheistic faiths and each of these faiths are bound to the Jerusalem City by love and by reverence too. Today, Jerusalem is a city of unexpected importance. Although it is not situated on the routes of trade zones, it has significant importance due to religion and cultural aspects. The Jerusalem City situated in Judea, surrounded by the Rift Valley Cliffs, the Dead Sea and the amazing Judean wilderness on its three sides. The city has its natural defenses on its south, west and east. Although it is not rich in agriculture, it lies between the arable field and desert. The Jews bond to the Jerusalem and this bond cannot be broken.

For over three millennia now, Jerusalem has known to be the center of Jewish faith that retains its symbolic trust and value throughout generations. There are many Jews who were exiled after Roman conquest and were scattered elsewhere, but they have never been able to forget Jerusalem. The Jerusalem City has become the symbol of desire for the Jews. The love and respect for the city has been involved by the Jewish prophets and sung by the Hebrew poets. The very name of Jerusalem city has a lot of faith, trust and godliness associated with it. No matter how hard a person tries to convince himself, it can be difficult to not have faith and belief on the rich culture and tradition of the Holy City. It makes a person believe in God and Love. Jerusalem City is indeed one of the most fascinating cities; it is a city where the old can meet the modern world, where the sacred can meet the material world, and the nature can meet the innovative and architectural beauty.

The significance of the city goes beyond its beauty and the holiness associated with it. There are many more things associated with the city, such as the three major faiths: Jerusalem is the city that has played a major role in the faith of Christianity, as it is the place where Lord Christ was crucified. For the Jews, Jerusalem is the holy place where David’s throne is kept, and it is also the capital city of today’s Israel. Jerusalem is also the dwelling place of many Moslems, and it is their sacred place of worship that is centered on Dome of Rock. The Old City of Jerusalem is the home to many sites of religious significance, such as the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Dome of Rock, the Church of Holy Sepulcher and many more.

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