Jerusalem – The Old City

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The Old City,  is a part of Jerusalem capital city of Israel. Until the mid of 1800’s, the entire city was called Jerusalem during the reign of jerusalem and the old cityKing David. However, the city has started growing, and it goes beyond the walls till today when it has been considered to be the largest cities in Israel in the present time. The Old Jerusalem is one of the most sacred places to the three major monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Pilgrims from different parts of the world visit the city of Jerusalem continuously as an important part of the trip to the holyland and they visit some of the special sites, such as the Western Wall and the Temple Mount for Jews, the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock for the Moslems and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for the Christians.

Old Jerusalem reunited to the main city during the time of the Six Day War in the year 1967. Since then, all the famous places of their worship have been open to the visitors without considering any distinction of religion or race. Pilgrims have been flocking Old Jerusalem from all four corners of the world to visit the Holy sites. One can access to Old Jerusalem through a number of gates. The gates to the old city include the Jaffa Gate, the New Gate, Damascus, Herod’s Gate, St. Stephen’s Gate, Golden Gate, Zion Gate and Dung Gate.

Important sites in Old Jerusalem, include Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of Rock, the Noble Sanctuary, the Museum of Islamic Art, Western Wall Jerusalem, Western Wall Tunnels, Hurva Square, The Broad Wall, World Archaeological Museum, Ophel Archaeological Museum, Saint Mary’s Hospice, The Cardo, Citadel, The Suq El Attaria and Ramparts Walk.

Old Jerusalem also offers an amazing spiritual experience. While visiting the Old City for the very first time, the spiritualThe Old City experience would be incredible. Visitors often say that the experience is simply incomparable to any of the visits or travels to some other places in any part of this world. The Holiness of jerusalem city is an amazing sensation, and while walking through the narrow streets, people can experience the view of the streets and also experience the characteristic godliness of the Holy City. Over all these years, Old Jerusalem has undergone a lot of changes. However, that has not affected the culture and the tradition of the city, which have been its most prominent focal point and the reason for which visitors want to tour Israel

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