The Jerusalem Church

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The Jerusalem Church is one of the ancient churches. It ranks fourth of all the oldest oratories. The ancient Jerusalem Church or the HolyJerusalem :sunset view with Church of Mary Magdalene Sepulcher Church that is also known as the Church of the Resurrection to the Eastern Orthodox Christians. It is located in the old Jerusalem, and is considered to be holiest Christian sites in the world since ages. The Jerusalem Church, as it is commonly known, stands in the site that has been considered as the holiest of all and encompasses both the Calvary and the Golgotha. Lord Christ’s tomb or sepulcher was buried there too. The Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulcher is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations since the fourth century.

The history of the Jerusalem Church dates back to the time of 66 AD. The ancient Christian community in Jerusalem appeared to have had conventional celebrations at the tomb of the Christ from the very time of resurrection until this city was taken over by Romans. The site of the Jerusalem Church remained buried under the pagan temple till the time Emperor Constantine the Great had turned into Christianity during the 312 AD. He was highly interested in some of the holy places that were associated with new faith, and went on to commission several churches that were built throughout this Holy Land. The church that acquires major importance in Jerusalem then and has restored its importance till now is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (built in 326 AD). In year 1009, when this great church was systemically destroyed by Fatimid caliph Hakim.

Apart from this Holy Church, there are many other Jerusalem Churches that have been some the major places of worship for the Christians. One such church is the St. Anne Jerusalem. It is considered to be a delighted and also one of the most evocative churches of surviving Crusader buildings located in Jerusalem. Dedicated to St. Anne or Hebrew Hannah, who is the mother of Virgin Mary, it is believed to be located over the place where St Anne was born. The Jerusalem Church offers many things to see as well. The ancient picturesque design of the churches, the amazing sculptures and designs will definitely be worth a watch. People coming to Jerusalem often like to visit these churches to get an idea about the rich Christian culture and its heritage.

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