Jerusalem & Bethlehem + Dead Sea Health & Relaxation #404

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Day 1: Tour Jerusalem & Bethlehem

The first day of the tour starts with an overview of the new city- Jerusalem and Temple Mount esplanade of the old city from the Mt. of Olives. We then travel to view the wall of the city and Garden of Gethsemane. We travel along Kidron Valley to reach these wonderful destinations. The tour continues as we enter Western Wall square through the Armenian quarter. From there on we travel through the local bazaar to enter station of Cross, Christian quarter and the place of crucifixion- Church of Holy Sepulchre. We get a taste of the rich history when we walk through the 1700 year old street i.e. Byzantine Bethlehem Israelmain street. A visit to the Cardo and newly renovated Jewish quarter is probably the best place to visit after visiting the 1700 year old street.
Bethlehem means City of Bread and it was named so because of the growth of wheat crop in that region. Bethlehem is the place where King David was born. As per Christian tradition even Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. We proceed to the cave where Jesus Christ was actually born, we travel along Nativity Circle to reach this cave from where we proceed to place where Jesus was kept just after his birth i.e. Manger Square. We also pay a visit to the Milk Grotto, the Catholic and the Greek Church. After an overview of Sheperd Fields, we return to Jerusalem.

Day 2: Dead Sea Relaxation

Visit the Dead Sea Unlike the first day, the second isn’t strenuous and it is more of a relaxation. We enter the Judean Desert through the Inn of Good Samaritan, where we also get to a glimpse of Jericho. We then relax for sometime on the shores of the Dead Sea. Dead Sea is known to be the world’s most mineral rich water body and you would actually be able to float in the water. The mud in the Dead Sea is believed to have high therapeutic value and is highly beneficial when applied on the body, so do not miss the chance to rub the mud on your body while floating on the water. After a few hours of relaxation, we visit the Qumran Cave; this is from where Dead Sea scrolls were found.

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