Sample tour itinerary Jerusalem – In the footsteps of Jesus #215

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TOUR NO. 215 (from Tel Aviv)
TOUR NO. 115 (from Jerusalem)
TOUR NO. 815 (from Haifa)
TOUR NO. 915 (from Dead Sea Hotels)

Jerusalem – In the footsteps of Jesus #215

Walking Tour.

Jerusalem – In the footsteps of JesusWe begin the tour with a view of both the old & the new city from the Mount Olives. We visit the site of Mary’s Ascension, Patre Nostre, and also the place of Mary’s Ascension. You would also witness the prayer of Lord, which is written in 123 different languages. We walk along to reach the site i.e. Dominus Flevit, where Jesus Christ predicted the Jerusalem’s destructio. We continue our tour by visiting Garden of Gethsemane and the church where Jesus Christ was betrayed to Romans by Judas; this is the Church of all Nations. From the valley of Kidron, we overlook tomb of Zaccariah, Absalom and Jeosphate from the 2nd temple period. We enter Old city through the Lions Gate and visit St. Anne Church, the pool of Bethesda and Mary’s home. Before returning to the hotel, we visit the Litho Strosos, the place of Striped Pavement; this was the place where Jesus Christ was condemned. It is from here that the Via Dolorosa starts.

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