Sample itinerary – Tour Jerusalem & Bethlehem #212

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Sample tour itinerary -  Jerusalem & Bethlehem

PILGRIM IN THE CHURCH OF THE NATIVITYThe view of the old and new city of Jerusalem is best had from Mt. of Olives and this is where we begin our tour from. We travel along Kidron Valley to visit the wall of the city and Garden of Gethsemane. Through the Armenian Quarter, we enter the Western Wall square. After stopping at the wall square, we proceed towards the Holy Sepulchre church, Christian quarter and station of cross. We pass through the local bazaar to reach these places. A walk is what waits for next in this tour, we don’t walk through any normal road, but we take a walk through the Byzantine main street- this street is a 1700 year old street.

King David was born in Bethlehem. Bethlehem means a city of Bread and it was called so because of the rich wheat harvest in the region. As per Christian tradition, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. We would drive to the city Bethlehem through Nativity Circle and reach the cave in which Jesus was born. We would also visit Manger Square, the place where Jesus Christ was placed after birth. We visit the Catholic and Greek Church and also Milk Grotto- this is where Mother Mary fed her son Jesus. After a view of Sheperd Fields and a short visit to the church, we return to the city of Jerusalem.

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  • Please carry your Passport.
  • Please dress modestly.
  • The tour is subject matter to the Palestinian authority rules & regulations.
  • There might be a change of vehicle to facilitate entry to Palestinian territory.
  • Business class arrangement available for small groups in luxury minibuses or van.


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